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Free WiFi Phone

FATPBX is offering free phones for new user accounts, so hurry and get yours today!


Our mobility apps allow all users to work from anywhere. Imagine having the capability of receiving all your in bound calls at home and having the ability to transfer the call to anywhere, its just like being at the office!

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Voice Over WiFi

Now employees can move freely throughout an office space, and work from anywhere. With today's smart office it can be deployed in minutes, and with WiFi enabled phones, conference cams, users are able to stay unchained and stay connected to their communication devices.

Superior voice quality and unparalleled service uptime is our primary focus for our business customers. We deliver amazing voice quality through our four Geo-rendundant data centers. With all endpoints dual registered at four facilities, we mitigate any chance of service failure or any potential extended service outages. Investing in this infrastructure and managing the network with skilled, industry telecom professionals ensures we deliver a higher level of service to your business all day, every day, 24/7/365.

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schedule meetings with ease!

Meeting Manager is our collaboration solution that provides real-time applications including web conferencing, remote support, audio conferencing, video conferencing, remote access and webinar support. ... The solution provides mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

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FATPBX truly makes your number smarter integrating SMS communications

 With our cloud pbx system

Send and receive messages to and from extensions or 10-digit local or long- distance numbers.

Message colleagues, clients, and departments with a business identity—even from personal devices.

Reply to an incoming message from a mobile app, desktop app, or by email.

Send and receive images, videos, and files.

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  • SMS AUTO RESPONDER, try texting menu for restaurant or a street address for Real Estate, or Application!
  • SMS Broadcast, send a 1000 messages instantly


  • Send a single message to a 1000 people or voicemail.
  • Auto Dial and send the live calls to your sales crew.
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